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After weeks of being offline, the team was able to update the site and released the new version of rphradio.net :)

new design

The overall layout and navigation of the website is completely revamped but retained its minimalist design to cater users with low internet speed. uneccessary plugins are also removed.

migrated to another server

The backbone that powers the music server is migrated to AWS and was created using docker for flexible management. docker image will soon be available for those who want to run their own version of rphradio on their home, school or offices.

DJ support for the non-stop music channel

Unfortunately, I was forced to limit the non-stop music channel to only 1 due to the bandwidth limitations (help!) and a bug on container runtime. however, I gave access to other redditors (DJ’s) so that they can control the music and will update the music collection more frequently. Also, live channel will still work, just make sure to follow the updated instructions on how to broadcast. Upload of music will soon be available to those who don’t want to stream live.

new partner subs

r/rphradio has partnered with r/ilustrado and r/kwaderno in providing creative contents to the site with featured articles from their subreddits. This site is not meant to replace the partner subs but rather an alternate content channel. we are always open to partnering with Filipino related subreddits.

c/o u/home-girl

special thanks

If you have any questions or any suggestions regarding the site, feel free to message u/kaninglamig :)