Kipling and Grime



1 minute read

If life is a sleeping vine, Or phantoms with bombs, And if houses were built by judges And purest diamond, No one will be scared Any more. Like the walk that trembles in The panicked public’s crossed Fingers in the waking Of the world. No one will be afraid Any more. If life were only a series Of yes’s and no’s Of blacks and whites, Of stay’s and go’s, No one will be walking Any more.

Fate's Cruel Games



7 minute read

A flash of lighning. A thunderous boom. Another lightning. Closer and closer. A blazing spear from heaven strike. A blinding light. A deafening noise. Engulfing me into the white, then all the light went out and the darkness took over. I heard two voices whispering my name. I heard myself screaming in pain. I opened my eyes. I couldn’t speak. It was three in the morning. I just tossed and tussled in our bed, the thin blanket choking and wrestling me.


7 minute read

Saw this in an old wattpad account. I still have the idea for this but for now I’ve stopped writing but I want to share what I’ve written (kasi pinoy, I’m more comfortable around my fellow countrymen). Wala pang edit so I apologize pag may wrong grammar or some phrases might sound weird. PS: Wala pa yung Frozen when I first wrote this. Allena wasn’t sure how she escaped from the Crescents.